This is a wearable piece inspired by an Altai Shaman story of the apocalypse. In my piece, I create a contemporary reimagination of the Shaman apocalypse story in which humans go against nature and corrupt the natural cycle of a life cycle. 


The dress is made of clear acrylic sheets that are connected with blue thread. My main reason for using acrylic sheets is because of the physical quality of acrylic that when it’s stressed in a certain point and comes into contact with alcohol, it crackles and breaks in that point. I used this chemical reaction to create a self-destructive wearable piece. The skirt is made up of bended pieces of plastic secured by waxed threads. Alcohol is poured on the long, heavy skirt, making the plastic crackle and break at the stressed points.

The dimensions are exaggerated to reflect extreme terror. The piece looks more like an architectural sculpture than a dress. This choice of design reflects the contemporary version of the world, where designed environments take over the natural. It is the cage of our voluntarily imprisonment, built by ourselves. 

The crackling sound of the dress is faint but powerful in terms of giving the message. In some way, it evokes an unpleasant feeling which can be correlated to our sense of touch, because of our memories of touching broken materials and how that made us feel. To make the feeling more clear to the audience, I will amplify the sound of crackling plastic during the performance. I tested this idea with a contact microphone placed on the plastic while it crackles, which gave me interesting results. The sound design of the scenario includes the recording of crackling plastic, some additional industrial sound effects and a musical composition.