We do not want only to communicate with extraterrestrial intelligence, we want to mate with it.
For humans, the currency of the universe is light.
Life has been found elsewhere in the universe.
The people of Earth want to be the first to unite their DNA with the beings of other planets.
Humans conceive a project to use light to transmit human DNA to the trillion-trillion worlds of the universe.
Once the DNA unifies, the resulting beings will then intervene and shape the evolution of the far future universe.
The First Earth Project is to seed the billion worlds of this galaxy, the Milky Way.
A young woman volunteers to be the initial photon traveler broadcast to the planets of nearby star systems.
— Dr. Dan Rose, The DNA-Photon Project

Blurring the line between presentation and performance by engaging music, sound, and science fiction to address the hubris of certainty.

Photon Ecstasy is a performance project that engages music, sound, and science fiction to address the hubris of certainty. Created by composer-performers Melissa Grey & David Morneau, it is a concert-length spatial performance for spoken word, trombone, and electronics—including Benjolin (a modular synthesizer), vintage video game systems, programmed beats, samples from the NASA Audio Collection, sonified data, and interactive wearable technology. It is based on Dan Rose’s The DNA-Photon Project, an artist book and twenty-five machine-sculptures, which ironically explores the certitude of industrialized capitalist countries, national security secrecy, and corporate overreach.

I created interactive costumes and light elements for composer-performers Melissa Grey & David Morneau that are used during their performances. 

Photon Ecstasy was premiered at Kislak Center for Special Collections, Rare Books and Manuscripts at
University of Pennsylvania in October 2016.

Photo credit: Karjaka Studios